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Business Attorney | Speaker | Radio Legal Guest | Podcast Host | Managing Attorney of Pasha Law PC

Legally Sound | Smart Business
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Pasha Law PC
A business law firm serving as general counsel to clients in CA, IL, NY & TX since 2008.

About Pasha

Nasir Pasha

Nasir N. Pasha is the managing attorney of Pasha Law PC, a boutique business law firm serving as general counsel to clients coast to coast, i.e. California, Illinois, New York, and Texas. Well-versed in all areas of corporate law, Mr. Pasha prides himself on helping clients navigate the complex waters of legal bureaucracy and parse through complicated legalese to find the best solutions and insights for clients' specific legal issues. His clients appreciate his ability to present solutions in a way that the everyday businessperson can easily understand.

Mr. Pasha’s legal experience spans a diverse range of practice areas, including business law and litigation, broker legal compliance, real estate law, dispute resolution, health care law, regulatory compliance, and online business defamation. He regularly helps clients tackle issues relating to contracts, intellectual property rights, employment law, risk management, litigation management, and corporate governance, offering a crucial balance between conservative advice and practical solutions.

Mr. Pasha’s firm, Pasha Law, provides comprehensive legal protection for businesses, offering in-house counsel services for a fixed monthly fee. The firm has rewritten the corporate law firm model, allowing businesses to obtain all-encompassing general counsel services without the usual six-figure bills.

When he’s not zealously representing his clients, Mr. Pasha also produces and co-hosts a podcast (Legally Sound | Smart Business) with fellow Pasha Law attorney Matt Staub, answering client questions and analyzing current legal events that impact the business world. Mr. Pasha also serves as a legal expert on corporate law for various radio programs.

Outside the office, Mr. Pasha is a programmer hobbyist whose interests also include hiking, campaigning for displaced refugees, mountain biking, and traveling.