Medical Appeal Letter Generation

MedCapp is a cloud, enterprise class software that generates medical claim appeal letters for healthcare providers using a lawyer designed algorithm.

  • Upload Claims Data in Batch
  • Match Appeal Addresses from Central Database
  • Multifactor Letter Generation
  • HIPAA Compliant

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Useful Features

Increase your efficiency and efficacy immediately with these features.

Upload claims data in batch

Use CSV files to upload data.

Pull data from central database

Prepopulated and crowdsourced database of payor and plan information pulled on claim upload.

Multifactor Letter Generation

Each letter is generated based upon an entire array of claim data.

Generate and download bulk MS Word documents for download

Letters are able to be downloaded via a zip file.

HIPAA Compliant

All sensitive data is securely stored with encryption in transit and relevant data encrypted at rest.

Cloud Based

Collections teams can be on-site or remote with secure online access.

Easy-to-use Interface

Data uploading and letter generation is extremely simple and easy to use for all technical skill levels.

Algorithm Updates

MedCapp's letter generation algorithm is constantly being updated based upon law changes, strategy shifts, and user feedback.

Various Provider Types

MedCapp is currently optimized for providers with emergent level appeals in the State of Texas.

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